Meet Verizon Business Workers

More than 150 Verizon Business technicians signed this mission statement explaining why they need a voice on the job

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For several years, we, the dedicated employees of Verizon Business have been working in this volatile and ever changing telecommunications industry without any representation.  We are the heart and brains of this company. We are the ones who get the circuits up even when it means giving our families less of our time. We are the ones who sweat and suffer during outages and national emergencies to ensure our customers stay with service. Verizon Business works because we work!

Time and time again we’ve witnessed the undeserved departure of hard working co-workers who lost their jobs due to layoffs, chosen at the random discretion of management without disclosure of process.  We’ve worked to rebuild a company that once lay in ruin due to unethical managerial practices, even while most of us lost much of our retirement savings.

We remained loyal to a company that has repeatedly refused to raise our wages to industry standards, despite posting a 26% increase in revenue this year! We’ve worked hard to make VZB a success, and evolved with the industry, despite little support from management in terms of training and working conditions, all the while watching the quality of our health benefits go down.

WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! With the help of our co-workers at Verizon Core and our friends at the CWA and IBEW, we, the loyal employees of Verizon Business, have decided to unite under one voice. With this new voice of empowerment we will demand the following:

  • Real job security in a written, signed contract.
  • A fair living wage comparable to that of our Verizon Core brothers and sisters
  • Better health care at no cost to employees
  • A real grievance process
  • Promotions from within before hiring from the outside.
  • End to favoritism
  • Workload limitations (right now the expectations are unreasonable)
  • Industry-standard shift differential/overtime pay
  • An equitable pension program for employees

What Verizon Business management fails to see is that having a happier and more involved workforce will increase productivity from its workers and strengthen its relationship with it’s employees to ensure improved communication in the future. We ask that every employee join us in our campaign for a strong voice on the job.

Verizon Business Organizing Committee & Supporters

Patricia Acloque, NY
Zafras Akim, NY
Aric Allen, PA
Brenda Allen, NY
Kevin Andrade, RI
Benjamin Andrews, NY
Nelson Antunes, NY
Virginia Arce, NY
Mark Archibald, NY
Thomas Atkins, PA
Jeffrey Atkinson, NY
Sean Aziz, NY
Roger Bailey, NY
Bryan Balgobin, NY
Marvin Baugh, NY
Anthony Bearse, MA
Joe Belfiore, NY
Chistian Benejam, NY
Muirhead Bernal, NY
Chris Bloncourt, NY
Cardinal Blue, NJ
John Borici, NY
Henry Boswell, NJ
Hector Brutus, NY
Orsino Bungag, NY
Tanya Burrell, NY
James Bush, NY
Jozzeppii Cammorato, NY
Althea Campbell-Wyse, NY
Roland Chateau, NY
Ruebena Chow
George Chrostowsky, CT
Freddy Cohen, PA
Enrique Colon, NY
Keith Collymore, NY
Louis Colon, NY
Michelle Cunningham, NY
Roger Daley, NY
Fred Darretta, NY
David Deegan, NY
Bernard DeGiacomo, NY
Adrian De Los Santos, NY
Todd DePalma, NY
Dominick DiLauria, NY
Vincent Dinh, NY
Ed Driscoll, MA
John Dunn, MA
John Elia, MA
Sophia Ephraim NY
Thomas M. Fraine, MA
Bob Fu, NY